About Science Club Denmark

Science Club

Science Club Denmark is an after-school programme dedicated to make science fun and engaging for children and young adults. During our seven-week programme older students teach younger students about a specific scientific topic, and through curiosity, experiments and collaboration they investigate various hypotheses. It’s never a competition and there are no grades. It’s all about being curious, collaborate with your peers, and investigate the world around you using scientific methods. It’s free of charge.

There are today five programmes to choose from: primatology, microbiology, biodiversity, physics or math, chemistry; and another one on the way: archeology. Being part of the Science Club means you become a ‘mini-scientist’, learning about and using the same skills as a real scientist. Our scientific programmes are developed by some of the most talented scientists in Denmark and builds on real research.

To be part of the Science Club all you have to be is curious and eager to know more about scientific methods. If you want to take the Science Club to your country or region, please contact us at info@videnskabsklubben.dk

About Science Club