Bliv involveret i Videnskabsklubben

Let's make a difference


Videnskabsklubben offers a mentoring scheme that is based on volunteer mentors of all ages and at all levels of education. With no adults or teachers present, a unique learning environment is created that seriously gives both mini- researchers and mentors a co-responsibility for successful learning. Be a role model for a child in your community and help shape the future generation.

Contact us with questions at:


We welcome your help to contribute to our cause and a range of opportunities exist. If you want to volunteer your time but you're not sure exactly how you can contribute, send us an unsolicited application along with your CV. We'll do the rest!


In order to provide free after-school science programs for children, Videnskabsklubben relies on support from partners. As a sponsor you support our cause, along with other sponsors. Learn more about opportunities for support.

Would you like for there to be a future science club in your community? Please use the contact email below and let us know so we can make a note of the interest.

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Videnskabsklubben - H.C. Andersens Boulevard 35 - 1553 København V - tlf.: 33 43 53 30 - - CVR nr. 38 55 63 63