About The Science Club

Science Club is a club for school children of every age, who are curious, creative and eager to learn about the natural sciences in a different learning environment. In the fall of 2015 Science Club will run again as a pilot project.

With the Science Club The Young Academy wishes to give boys and girls more confidence in the natural sciences by offering alternative perspectives, opportunities and challenges within the natural sciences.
Science Club is based on a voluntary mentor system, in which the children receive education and they themselves educate younger children. Science Club will take place on the student’s own school.
In the fall of 2015 Science Club will start as a pilot project in four Danish schools. This project is open to 8.-9. graders and high school stidens who will be educated to function as junior and senior mentors respectivly, and 3.-5. graders who can participate in a mini-scientist programme.


What is a miniresearcher?

What is a junior mentor?